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Home > Samsung Electronics topped - flash memory chip factory in the first quarter revenues list .......Jun 2.2011

 Brands from 1Q11 NAND Flash Revenue Ranking of view, Samsung (Samsung) 1.9 billion in revenue 1 million 4 thousand dollars, market share was 36.2%, remains the first; Toshiba (Toshiba) 8 1.8 billion in revenue 3 thousand million dollars to 35.1% market share is still ranked second; Micron (Micron) for the third, on revenue of 600 million 1 million dollars, market share was 11.4%; Hynix (Hynix) for the fourth revenue of 500 million 7 thousand 4 million, market share was 10.7%; Intel (Intel) listing the fifth, on revenue of 300 million 5 million 5 thousand dollars, market share of 6.6%.

Samsung Electronics

1Q11 Samsung benefited from some smart phones and tablet computers and other systems robust demand for products, customers, was able to make up the memory card & UFD market, weak demand for the retail channel, so the 1Q11 quarter-bit shipments to grow about 20% QoQ above, ASP is about fell by about 10% QoQ, coupled with the small appreciation of the won, so the quarter 1Q11 8.8% QoQ revenue growth of approximately 4 1.9 billion into thousands of 1 million, 1Q11 market share as 36.2% Samsung is expected 2Q11 orders from the system OEM customers will continue to sound, but the path from the memory card & UFD market will remain weak customer demand, so the bit 2Q11 shipments expected to grow more than about 30% QoQ, but more variable due to 2Q11 market so its still long and short follow-up to the price changes observed in 2011, Samsung will be continued to improve the output of 27nm process products in the 2H11 proportion and turned into the 21nm process technologies to enhance its cost competitiveness, and the development of new embedded (embedded) SSD products and other products from the system to increase its share of customer sales.

Toshiba Electronics

Toshiba power by early December tripped the impact of accidents, making it 1-2 months so that fewer amount of output, but from some of the smart phone and tablet computer systems OEM orders and customer's card is still demand for strategic partners good, making the price showed a slight decrease and increase in bit shipments and stable conditions, so 1Q11 quarter revenue was up about 8% QoQ 3 thousand of the 18 million 8 million, 1Q11 market share as 35.1%. 2011, Toshiba will also continue to enhance the output of 24nm process technology, the proportion of the new system and new system in 2H11 turn into 19nm process technology to enhance its cost competitiveness, and SanDisk (SanDisk) joint venture 300mm Fab5 new plant is also expected to start volume in 2H11 production, Toshiba will also receive about half of the new capacity, but also the development of embedded products and SSD will continue to improve products customers to the sales proportion to cope with the growth of the emerging demand for smart mobile devices.

Micron Technology

Benefit from the previous quarter, Micron OEM orders from some system customers, and merging its own retail outlets Lexar Numonyx Embedded arising from new customers such as power, the quarter-bit shipments grew more than about 20% QoQ, but In some products, ASP fell under the influence, making the previous quarter, 12.1% QoQ revenue growth of about 1 million U.S. dollars into 600 million the previous quarter's 11.4% market share, due to 1Q11 when the main process technology has become more than 25nm, so the Micron estimates the position of its output is about the next quarter grew 10% QoQ, in optimistic stability of the system products, customer demand and after the earthquake in Japan to consider the potential supply of Variables, Micron expects its next season's ASP is expected to have slightly rise, the other a joint venture between Micron and Intel 300mm per month will be the new plant in Singapore is expected to increase gradually before the end of 2011 60000, 2011, Micron will also further enhance the emerging embedded smart mobile devices, and SSD's the proportion of sales.

Hynix Semiconductor

1Q11 Hynix products in enhancing the customer sales from the system has reduced the proportion of the memory card & UFD market access efforts of weak demand, so 1Q11 bit shipments increased by about 15% QoQ, but the ASP is flat with the previous quarter to maintain the situation, it is 1Q11 quarter revenue growth of approximately 12.5% ​​QoQ to become 500 million 7 thousand 4 million, 1Q11 market share as 10.7%, 2Q11 Hynix promising from some smart phones and tablet computers, etc. OEM orders customer's system is still sound so expects its shipments in 2Q11 will become the bit about more than 30% QoQ, while after the earthquake in Japan, considering the potential supply shortage of factors will help to slow the memory card & UFD pathway under the effect of off-season market, Hynix expects its 2Q11 ASP will slightly by about 5% QoQ, 2011 年 Hynix will continue to increase the output of 26nm process technologies, and the proportion of 20nm in 2H11 transferred into the new process technology to enhance its cost competitiveness, but also develop new embedded products and SSD products that continue to improve the proportion of product sales of customers.


Intel SSD sales in the proportion of 1Q11 increased significantly, making the ASP and the quarter-bit increase in shipments compared with the previous quarter, so the 1Q11 quarter revenue growth of approximately 18.3% QoQ, as 300 million 5 thousand 5 million, 1Q11 market share rate as 6.6%, 1Q11IM Flash camp has introduced industry-leading 25nm 64Gb TLC and 25nm SSD products to enhance its cost competitiveness, with the IM Flash joint venture in Singapore to start production of new plant since 1H11, the future Intel will also receive about 20% or less The new capacity, 2H11 Intel will also begin production of 20nm products and new process technologies continue to improve its system products sales proportion of customers.


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