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Chocolate Power Bank (DY-109)

Chocolate Power Bank (DY-109)

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Product Name: chocolate power bank

Material: ABS  

Dimension: 94X25X22mm

Weight: 71g

Colors: Brown, White, Pink, Blue, Purple ect.

Certificate: CE, ROHS

Socket Type: USB

Compatible with: almost all types of mobiles, tablet, MP3/4, digital products, Iphone, Ipad with USB cable

Protection: short-circuit/overcharging/over-discharging

Accessories: USB cable, user manual

Package: Neutral gift box

OEM service: available

Warranty: 12 months


Technical Specs:

Battery Type: Li-ION 18650

Charging time:3.5 hours

Capacities: 1200mAh, 1500mAh, 1800mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2400mAh, 2600mAh

Input: DC 5V-1A

Output: DC 5V-1A

Cycle Lifespan: over 500 times


How to calculate power bank capacity

First we should know two things: voltage and current.

Use the formula:  power = voltage x current (Batteries of power banks are 3.7V output)

Every power bank has a conversion rate. Higher end power banks possess around 90% conversion rate. Power bank conversion rate is also related to batteries used in the production. Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries have a work output conversion rate that is generally 85% -95%, and lithium-ion (18650) battery possesses an output conversion rate between 75% - 90%.

To calculate conversion rate with the real capacity and charging times you do the following:

Smartphone charging is dynamic of around 500MA-1000MA with the voltage at 5V.

If the battery power is marked 4000mAh, then the power of a 4000mAh power bank should be 4 * 3.7 = 14.8W, calculate by our polymer batteries conversion rate of 80%, the real total power supply for charging can be 11.8W. Take a 1500mA smart phone for example, the demand power is 3.7*1.5 = 5.55W, then it can charge the phone two times. So if you want to charge your tablet, you need a larger capacity power bank, the power bank capacity should be more than 8000MA and can provide high current 2A output charging requirements.