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Rectangle USB Memory Stick in Metal(EME-004)

Rectangle USB Memory Stick in Metal(EME-004)

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Rectangle USB Memory Stick in Metal

For modern business man and woman, you will find few business gift can compete with USB memory stick with LOGO branded. This memory stick adapts the classic rectangle design, neat and stylish. Especially when its surface is finished with matt alloy, it is ideal for your upcoming promotional events. A small ring at the end is apt for you to carry it with your keys, and the lid fits the USB head perfect to protect the USB from dust. We are proud to say this rectangle USB memory stick perfectly combines modern technology with elegance and solidity.

USB Flash Drive with Corporate LOGO

With wide range of memory size from 1GB to 256GB available, you do not have to worry about your budget, because there is surely one perfect choice for your promotional project. Your customers will thank you for you sending them such practical and fantastic gift which enable them to save and send files freely. While at the same time your corporate image will be enforced each time they use this USB flash drive. We use only original brand NAND flash chip with 5 years warranty, this means free advertisement for your company during this 5 years or even more.

Personalized Flash Memory for Marketing
This is modern technology gift which is both attractive and useful nowadays. Everyone uses computer, so it is no fault to send your customer a personalized flash memory as marketing gift. Its classical rectangle design allow apt space for LOGO branding, so for your next promotion events like business conference, trade show or customer visiting, brand your LOGO onto this flash memory, pre-load your catalog or promotion file into the device and send it as give-away gift for your potential or constant customers, they will love it and use it repeatedly in their daily work, which means constant free advertisement for your company products and services.

Dimension: 56mm*21mm*7.5mm(L&W*H)
Weight: 16g
Colors Available: green, yellow, silver, color customizable
LOGO Methods:laser engraving/silkscreen printing/full color printing
Certifications: CE, FC, ROHS
M.O.Q.: 50 pieces
Delivery time: 3-5 working days

24/48-Hour Rush Service: not available

Technical Features:
1) Interface: USB 2.0, or USB 3.0 optional
2) Available capacities: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB,256GB
3) Data transfer rate(USB2.0): 3-7MB/s for write, 12-15MB/s for read
4) Operating Systems: Windows, Vista, Mac OS, Linux
6) Data retention: 10 Years Minimum