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whistle usb driver( SU022 )

whistle usb driver( SU022 )

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Whistle is very familiar to us as a tool or toy in our daily life, but it is the first time for a whistle to be incorporated to a digital technology products. This colorful soft whistle usb driver looks very unique: not only the exterior design into the shape of a whistle, even more peculiar is actually really can blow , and in order to prevent the use of the whistle when the whirlwind out of the saliva affect usb driver performance, specially the chip for this usb driver is made into waterproof design. Welcome enquiries on it from customers! Colorful plastic whistle usb driver features: ● whistle appearance design is very unique, high-tech tools can also be combined. ● Material mostly green plastic, soft, comfortable, fashionable, bright colors. ● Capacity 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. ● Recommended lifeguard or coach to use a dual-use, value for money. ● According to customer requirements to their custom color you want, you can choose a variety of colors. ● read and write speed, write speed 5M / S, copying speed 14 / S (with the computer configuration is also a relationship). ● Safe and reliable: Rewritable one million times, data can be stored for 10 years; magnetic, seismic, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, hitting. ● Operating system: WINDOWS98SE, WINDOWS ME, WINDOWS2000, WINDOWS XP and supports USB MASS STORAGE agreement LINUX2.4.X.MAC.