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portable Battery Charger 10,000mAh( JH004 )

portable Battery Charger 10,000mAh( JH004 )

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Product Features:        
Product Name: portable Battery Charger    
Material: ABS        
Dimension: 105x44x44mm        
Weight: 250g        
Colors: white        
Certificate: CE,ROHS,FCC        
Socket Type: USB        
Compatible with: almost all types of mobiles, tablet,         
MP3/4. digital products, Iphone, Ipad with USB cable         
Protection: short-circuit/overcharging/over-discharging         
Accessories: USB cable, user manual        
Package: Neutral gift box        
OEM service: available        
Warranty: 12 months

Technical Specs:        
Battery Type: Li-Polymer 18650        
Capacity: 10,000mAh, 10,400mAh        
Charge Mode: CC/CV        
Input: DC 5V-1000mA(max)        
Output: DC 5V-500mA(max)        
Cycle Lifespan: over 500 times  


portable Battery Charger with Li-Polymer battery or with Li-Ion battery, which one is better?

As the increasing use of digital devices like cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc, there are more and more occasions for us to use portable Battery Chargers to charge our digital devices. Generally there are 2 kinds of portable Battery Chargers in the market now: one is with Li-Polymer battery and the other is with Li-Ion battery. It is easy for us to wornder which one is better?

Of course, the Li-Polymer battery is better, however, safty of a portable external battery is mainly due to its maintainance, which is to say if we do maintainance good then it will be safe eventually no matter it is with Li-Polymer battery or with Li-Ion battery. However, Li-polymer batteries do not explode, which is a relatively higher level of protection.